BL and Queer Games Showcase: The 2018 Edition

Welcome to our second BL game showcase! :D

While 2018 may have been disastrous in many aspects (including the infamous “Tumblr purge”), 2018 brought us a variety of BL games, long and short,  from various countries.

Onwards to this year’s BL game releases!

My Magical Demon Lover
by Y Press Games

Yamila Abraham’s first visual novel, My Magical Demon Lover is a lighthearted, adult fantasy BL game about banging demons to become a wizard.


Red Embrace
by Argent Games

Inspired by Vampire: The Masquerade, Red Embrace is about the vampires of San Francisco and the humans who deal with them. Rated 13+.

itch.ioGoogle PlaySteam

Blood Domination
by Otomedou / Abracadabra Inc

Have you ever read a fanfiction set in a Dom/Sub universe? Now apply the same concept with school and vampires and you get Blood Domination, a Japanese mobile game.

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by Team Spieluhr

A short kinetic BL game from Russia (yes, Russia), May is a tragic story about friendship, regret and the loss of a loved one.


Brassica – A Marry Tale
by Boys Laugh +

By the German folks who brought us Teach Me Onegai! last year, Brassica is a fairy tale in 5 acts about three princes the princess they are supposed to compete for.

itch.ioofficial website

Grand Kokoro
by Seram Studios

A story about “heartbreak, tragedy, acceptance, perseverance and mental health”, with some supernatural elements thrown in the mix. Grand Kokoro is the first episode in the “Grand” series. Next up is Grand Damasu.


Gakuen Heaven 2 ~Double Scramble!~
by Spray

You play as Yuki Asahina, a new student at the prestigious Bell Liberty School, where he is suddenly given the role of the Student Body President and tasked with “protecting the school”.

The English patch, 4 years in the making, was made with much love and care by @fuckyeahgakuenheaven!

Tekikara – Boyfriend or Foe?
by Abracadabra Inc

A Japanese mobile game about catboys and two feuding nations trying to reconcile through a study abroad program.

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Seiyuu Danshi!
by Meyaoi

Seiyuu Danshi! (or SD) is an adult stat-raising sim from Indonesia in which you play as Haato, a newbie voice actor looking to win the annual Seiyuu Award. SD is famous, amongst other things, for its “foreplay mode”.

itch.ioofficial website

To Trust an Incubus
by Y Press Games

An adult sci-fi visual novel in which Kenta, a temp worker in a laboratory, gets to know (and possibly bone) the four mysterious incubi trapped there.


Sweet Pool
by Nitro+CHiRAL

Localized by JAST USA and translated by Verdelish, Sweet Pool is probably N+C’s most obscure title, infamous for the protagonist’s “meat babies”.

Note that the Steam version is censored and requires you to purchase a patch to restore the adult content.

Jast USASteamPhysical edition

Yaoi Game Jam 2018

The YaoiJam is an annual game jam in which game devs create a queer-themed game in the span of 2 months. Some entries are complete projects like Yarrow Valley, while some are demos and prototypes for longer projects, such as Metamorphoser and Sexylitter. And a few ones are the Act 1 of a longer series, like Star Crossed (pictured).

Yaoijam 2018, the complete list

Bara Jam 2018

Hosted by Soulsoftea, the Barajam is another game jam that made its debut this year. Besides the beef, the BaraJam entries also offer different styles of narration and ideas, whether comical like Earth Boys are Easy, or more serious like Blood and Lust (pictured), that you may not have found in the Yaoi Game Jam.


A few titles, like Monstrous Lovers, Chasing the Stars and Full Service that were originally planned to come out during 2018′s last quarter were delayed for various reasons. Hopefully they’re nearing completion and will come out in 2019!

And that closes the 2018 showcase! Hope you try out some of these and tell their creators or translators what you think! :D

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An nonbinary BL enthusiast from France. Sharing BL game news since 2013, I also translate games in French during my spare time.

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