School setting

Gakuen Heaven 2 ~Double Scramble!~


“Please, protect this school–”

Bell Liberty School, known as BL School. A near-legendary boarding school attended by elite students chosen from all over the country.

By some stroke of luck, I, Yuki Asahina, am among those chosen to attend this school. But on my first day, I was suddenly given a mysterious armband. Of all things, this armband is apparently the symbol of the ace of the school, the Student Body President.

Wait–does that mean I’m now the Student Body President?!

But there’s no time to celebrate. Because the Student Body President has been reduced into nothing but a powerless servant….

Game Data

Rating 13+
Release Date September 29, 2018
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Available Platforms Windows
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Languages and Availability

English  (Fan-translation (patch))
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Japanese  (Original language)
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