Urban FantasyVampire

Red Embrace


“There are lots of predators out there… stalkers who’d just love to have a taste of someone like you…”

The graveyard shift at a dingy diner in San Francisco – that’s where MC’s story begins. It’s just another normal night, or at least it seems to be.

…That is, until a certain mysterious customer stops by, bringing the dangerous attention of a few people with him. When it rains, it pours, and suddenly MC finds himself in the middle of a war he didn’t even know existed… between vampires.

How does MC react to the dark, violent world that opens up before him? That’s up to you!

Game Data

Rating 13+
Release Date February 15, 2018
Country Availability
Available Platforms Windows, Mac, Android, DOS
Engine / Code Base
Style of game
Themes within the game ,
Content warning!

Languages and Availability

English  (Original language)
Where to get (Digital) https://argent-games.itch.io/red-embrace
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