Coming outPost-graduate setting

Yearning: A Gay Story


Come out in college! Meet people, make friends, and maybe find a boyfriend?

Yearning: A Gay Story (YAGS for short) is a coming-out-focused character-driven slice-of-life visual novel with dating sim elements (phew) where you play as a gay man starting his freshman year of college at a generic university somewhere in the midwestern United States.

You will interact with a cast of characters, each with their own personality and stories, as you navigate college life, develop friendships, play board games, and come out. With luck, you might even find a boyfriend.


  • A world where you can befriend people and see events from different perspectives, depending on your decisions
  • 4 dateable guys* with their own distinct stories, with good and bad endings for each guy (9 endings in all*)
  • 230,000+ words and meaningful choices
  • Collectibles system to track and reward your decisions
  • Achievements, for completionists
  • Unlockable in-game character profiles

While the game itself is free, you can get various merch (like game OSTs and prints) by donating certain amounts on the itchio page.

Game Data

Rating 18+
Country Availability
Available Platforms Windows, Mac, Linux
Engine / Code Base
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Content warning!

Languages and Availability

English  (Original language)
Price free
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