1st Degree: What a Lovely Summer


This is a mid-development side game of the BL VN: 1st Degree. This side game is being made as a way to relieve some stress for the team as well as to earn some extra funds to make up for the content that was not originally accounted for in the Kickstarter budget. All profit from this game will be going back into the development for the main 1st Degree game. This game is meant to be played if you do not enjoy the gore of the main game. This visual novel has r18+ content, but also includes a little bit of story for you to get to know the characters and how they deal with ‘problems’ in their relationship!

Play as Rei and enjoy four different dates with the four routes from the main game! Each date has a different background and its own CG! But be careful, choose the wrong answers and you might just end up pissing everyone off.

As Rei, you will experience three routes as the bottom and one route as the top, but! The main game may just have a little more variety with a certain route~

These dates are not connected to the main story. Rather, consider them as something like an after story. Some lines may contain non-canon information.


-Roughly 50k word script

-New outfits and 20+ facial expressions for each character

-5 Backgrounds

-4 Unique CGs (with 7 to 11 variations for each)

-2 New tracks (with variations for each character)

-Partial Voice acting (minimal sounds and moans)

-12 Endings

*CGs are for the good end! We may end up adding more CGs if we have extra funds.


The romance system is very simple. You’ll get between 2 to 4 options for each choice you’re presented with. Each option will have  -2, -1, +1, or +2 points. You need to get at least +4 in order to get the good end! The points are not shown until after you choose so make sure you think through your decisions, but you won’t have very long… Just like a real relationship, you’ve gotta be on your feet when answering your loved one, so, watch the timer! Now, we aren’t responsible for your decisions, so make sure you keep track of how many hearts pop up when you select your options. Pink with a ‘+’ = good, black and upside down with a ‘-‘ = bad. The number of hearts correspond with the points you received from your choice. Some routes are less straight forward than the others!

Easy Routes: Minami’s/Aiden’s

Medium Route: Jun’s

Hard Route: Twins’

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