About us

What is BL Games World?

BL Games World (formerly English BL Games) is a small group of individuals dedicated to providing news, reviews and information regarding Boys Love and other games featuring M/M relationships.

We first started as a blog on Tumblr in 2012 and grew a lot since. The world of BL games changed a lot over the years and we hope to keep spread the love for the genre!

I want a game to be added to the database!

Before messaging us about the game you want to be added, please make sure it fits the following criteria:

  • Must be BL. Most of the game’s storyline has to be BL.
  • The game is complete (not a work-in-progress)
  • The protagonist has a face and preferably appears in CGs
  • Features more than 40,000 words or takes at least 3 hours to complete
  • No ‘shota‘ or ‘trap’ game

We reserve the right to refuse adding a game to the database for reasons not listed above.

Wow, that’s pretty restrictive. Why all these requirements?

Because I’m lazy.

If I were to add every game that had a bit of gay in it regardless of how long it is or how big the m/m portion compared to the rest, there would be no end of it.

Also nobody pays me to do this and I can do whatever I want.

Can you promo my upcoming game?

Yes. Feel free to message us here.

Can you review my game?

Yes, if I find your game interesting. Note that I can be a harsh critic so be careful what you wish for. Feel free to message us here.

Do you know if [X] is translated or when I can get the translation?

If this game isn’t listed or tagged anywhere, that means this game probably isn’t, or we haven’t heard of it yet.

Where can I download [X] game? I don’t want to buy it.

We don’t provide any illegal download link.

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