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Boys Love Universe

A new website ran by the duo of sisters Katya Stec and Tatiana Stec, who also own the more general All Ages of Geeks website and Youtuber channel. Boys Love Universe aims to be a website for all things BL: dramas, manga, games, etc… with an emphasis on interviews with BL creators.

Visual Novel Info

The biggest German website and community for all things Visual Novel and Eroge related: Bishoujo, Yuri, BL, etc… Their Discord is quite active and welcomes German, English and Japanese players, game devs, and publishers alike.

They occasionally translate VNs from English to German.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Reddit

Chem is Amani

If you ever looked up a walkthrough for a Japanese BL game, then you most likely found Chem’s blog. Her blog is a great resource to find walthrough or reviews for games that may or may not be translated in English. She sometimes livetweets the games she plays on Twitter and more recently started another Twitter account called “Nips or Nopes” when she finds and rates BL and Otome dudes’ nipples.

Website | Twitter

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