Slow Damage is finally out in English

Six years after the game was first teased by Nitro+CHiral and a year-and-a-half after its Japanese release, English publisher JAST USA finally released Slow Damage today.

Slow Damage tells the story of Towa, a hedonistic artist living in a yakuza-controlled city of the near future. Intent on painting people’s darkest desires, Towa seeks out extreme sensation and seedy underworld connections. But in exposing the truths of those around him, Towa may have uncovered more than he bargained for…

Yesterday, the massive wave of players downloading their purchase of the game made the JAST storefront crash. It is however back up now and you shouldn’t have issues on the website now.

As a reminder, Slow Damage is not (yet) available on Steam, but the JAST store applies regional pricing, meaning you the game is actually still cheap if you buy it from, say, Argentina.

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