Kickstarter for BL game Guilded Hearts nearing its end

Developer Argent games is once again working in collaboration with writer Theo Southgate to create the MMORPG-themed BL game called Guilded Heart under their side-brand, “Gallium Games”.

They previously worked on Western-themed BL game Dead Man’s Rest, which is was released earlier this year.

All things considered, Julian (name changeable) lives a pretty normal life.

He does online university work, is hopelessly single (but has a habit of crushing on cute boys), and spends most of his free time on a fantasy MMO – Lost Heroes.

Little does he know that Lost Heroes will be what pulls him into a new, budding romance…

Whether he pursues the arrogant pretty boy Guillermo, his charismatic roommate Casper, the coy store clerk Archie, or his mysterious guildmate Verdant, join Julian on an unexpected journey of self-discovery, heartache, and love.

At the time of writing, there are only 4 days left to the Kickstarter campaign, with $6340 out of the $8500 goal reached. A demo is available on Steam and itchio.


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An nonbinary BL enthusiast from France. Sharing BL game news since 2013, I also translate games in French during my spare time.

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