Fantasy BL game Dear Monster, goes live on Kickstarter

Dear Monster is a years-old project that dates back to at least 2018, started by BL artist Jouvru. This year they teamed up with Polish creators Justyna Pustelnik (creator of Sentimental Trickster) and Lukasz Skubek, as well as American creator and publisher Y-Press Games to finally bring the game to life.

Summary from the Kickstarter page:

Allen thought he had his life all figured out. He just graduated university and was headed off to med school. Then a strange letter arrives from a grandfather he never knew.

He’s pulled onto a new path toward a strange mansion filled with even stranger creatures.

These fantasy beings shouldn’t even exist–and yet, they’re somehow familiar. Allen has no time for mysteries, but when he tries to leave he realizes he’s trapped, and so are the magical monsters!

Allen must solve the mystery of his own past while learning magic by “bonding” to one of the fantasy creatures. Otherwise he’ll never get free!

A NSFW tale of magic and love between man and monster with art by the famous bara artist Jouvru! Will Allen escape the magical mansion and continue the life he planned–or has his entire world been turned upside-down?

At the time of writing, Dear Monster raised a whopping $76 805 USD, covering its base and first stretch goal.

While this amount may seem like a lot to you, keep in mind that any excess money that might be left after everything (art assets, programming, etc…) is paid for will most likely have to be split between all the creators of the project.

The game will contain 5 routes, and the campaign ends in just 4 days!

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