Yaoijam is back with 41 game entries

On July and August was held the 6th Yaoi Game Jam, a video game jam held on since 2016 where BL game creators, new and old, come together and create a BL or LGBT-themed game in the span of two months.

The year 2022 sets a new record with 41 entries, which is 7 more than the previous record set back in 2020 in the middle of worldwide COVID confinement!

Below are 3 titles picked from the submission list.

Quinn & Flynn by Stanwixbuster

Semi-linear romance/mystery VN. Catch a criminal while pursuing a poet. You will get both of them. You have to.

It’s a text adventure you can play directly from the itchio page. An interesting mechanics is the ability to choose pick choices as the narration is still going. Not picking any choice until “time” is out counts as a third option.

Play the game here.

The Scribbler’s Dilemma by Saitoki

Everyone is born with some kind of unique talent in this world. Being gifted with the powers of a scribbler, Micah considers himself receiving the short end of the stick. While the scribbler occupation is not known for being able to get rich quick, Micah wanted to push forward with the skills he has. However, a run-in with a meddlesome adventurer at the dungeon entrance completely ruins his plan, and saves his life.

You might know Saitoki as the person who made that Togainu no Chi fangame a long time ago. This game is a demo and not the complete game. You can play it online in the blow link.

Play the game here.

The Cleaner by Spongey Kitty

Play as a mysterious trauma cleaner as he faces the end of society as we know it, brought to its knees by a new and unknown phenomenon that has no cure.

Having given up on most things, every day feels to him like the same sluggish chore of waking up, cleaning, going to sleep and repeating.

That is, until he receives a request like none other from a man he barely knows.

One of the most popular entries this year, Th Cleaner is a “cleaning simulator” of some sorts made in RPG Maker. Spongey Kitty warns about the game containing heavy subjects, and that a second part of the game will come at a later date.

Play the game here.

All submissions this year are free. If you enjoyed any of them, be sure to let their creator know!

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