All-ages BL game Doki Doki Dollmaker is Live on Kickstarter

One week after the launch of Wrong Number by WitPOP, Karitsa launches a campaign of their own for Doki Doki Dollmaker, a slice of life BL game they have been working on for several years prior to the campaign.

Nothing lasts forever – at least, that’s what young Lyle has come to believe. Forced to move away from home with his older brother, Lyle finds himself in a new town, far away from a painful past and heading toward a lonely future. When he finds comfort in making dolls using a mysterious sewing kit, he soon discovers that his life will be anything but lonely! Be immersed in this heartfelt tale of love and discover what it means to find yourself, no matter who – or what, is willing to lend a hand!

Unlike a number of Kickstater projects, Doki Doki Dollmaker is already written and most of the art assets are already here, so the $7000 asked to reach the goal are meant to help finish making the game, which is set to be arount 10+ hours long.

The base game is all-ages, but there is a stretch goal for 18+ scenarios.

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