Lovenuts and Y Press Games release Sentimental Trickster

Nearly five years after its successful Kickstarter campaign and a rather troubled production, Lovenuts, a.k.a Polish artist and creator Justyna released the game with the help of Y Press Games.

Sentimental Trickster is the story of Haru, a young man who moves in a big city to start a new life and joins a dormitory full of beautiful men, all with their own personalities and secrets. Haru may be hiding a few secrets himself.

“I decided it was time. I packed my old, tattered bag and left home. I still have nightmares… But I’m hanging in there.

I conquer the world one snarky comment at a time and I have no sense of direction. When I deal with people, things can get awkward. Ballet-dancing-with-a-peg-leg kind of awkward. So far, four-eyes hates my guts, pretty boy laughs at me and the landlord thinks I’m weird. At least I can always try to get myself killed with this pierced hero-wannabe…

I try not to think about the future. When you don’t expect anything, you won’t be disappointed, right? I just want to attend classes, graduate and become independent. Making friends would be great, but… how can you expect someone to like you if you don’t even like yourself?”

The game has 4 love interests, one of which (Jin) isn’t available right now and will be added next year in an update. It also contains 200,000 words, so around 15 hours of play to read everything.

You can try out or buy the game in the links below.

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