Dramatical Murder is now officially available in English

7 years after Nitro+Chiral’s DRAMAtical Murder and its fan translation took the internet by storm and 9 years after its original release in Japanese, the English publisher JAST USA finally released the full English version on its website and Steam.

Official summary from JAST:

“I will destroy you.”

Midorijima. Situated to the south of Japan, this beautiful island was once a place where people lived in harmony with nature. Then the Toue Corporation took over, driving off most of the island’s residents and forcing those who would not leave to live in the shadow of Platinum Jail, a walled-off megaresort where the wealthy wallow in luxury.

Aoba is a young man living with his grandmother in the Old Residential District, the last refuge of Midorijima’s people. While his peers join gangs and fight for dominance of the streets or immerse themselves in the virtual reality game Rhyme, Aoba works part-time at a junk shop and hopes only that his peaceful life will last.

But strange things are happening on Midorijima, and Aoba will soon have to fight… or lose everything that he holds dear.

If you’ve heard of the dumpster fire that was Cyberpunk 2077 and were disappointed too of how little that game had to do with actual cyberpunk, you may be relieved to know that DRAMAtical Murder treats various aspect of the genre: being human, robots with feelings, found family, fighting the megacorp that’s ruining nature and people’s life, being a genocide survivor, being gay and the wonderful power of love (yes, really!).

DMMd is the third Nitro+Chiral title to be released by JAST USA, who previously localized Sweet Pool and Togainu no Chi. They are also working on Slow Damage, which was released last February in Japan, and Lamento‘s official translation is on hold as Slow Damage takes priority.

Note that should you buy DMMd on Steam, you will get the heavily censored, “all-ages” version and you’ll have to buy the uncensor patch from the JAST website. If you buy the game from JAST, you will get the uncensored version right off the bat.

You can check out DRAMAtical Murder in the links below.

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