Absolute Obedience


Welcome to our little Agency. I can tell why you’re here. There is someone who is making your life more difficult. It’s no fault of your own. Your every step is hindered by the actions of someone who’s been born onto this Earth just to trip you up. And that’s why you came here.

At our Agency, with just one word and our special volunteer staff will happily lay a complex trap for said individual, the bane of your frustration, and exact sweet revenge on the troublemaker for you, turning their life into exactly the kind of living hell you want. We’ll make them surrender totally to our will, force them into perfect obedience while we punish them for the crime of tormenting you. Of course, we use the word ‘volunteer’ loosely. Payment is always required for our services, but don’t worry – we’ll never ask you for money.

TL;DR: You play as either Kia or Louise, who are paid by individuals to ruin the life of their target in creative ways. Lots and lots of sex.

Game Data

Rating 18+
Release Date December 31, 2006
Country Availability
Available Platforms Windows
Style of game
Themes within the game , ,
Content warning! , ,

Languages and Availability

English  (Official translation)
Price $ 8.61
Where to get (Digital)
Japanese  (Original language)
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