Lagoon Lounge


This is the story of a young man who lived and worked in the city, but quit due to a decline in his health and is invited by his childhood friend Sousuke to live with him and recover. He lives in a small village nestled beside a lagoon.

Around the same time, a strange phenomenon has been occurring there.
On the weekends, there are large earthquakes and what sounds like the stomping of a giant.

What could be causing those earthquakes and stomps!?
The protagonist gradually uncovers the secret behind them as he spends time with the residents of the village.

Lagoon Lounge has 2 short sequels (Lagoon Lounge 2 & 3) with an official English release, which you can find in the KAIJYU DLsite link. DLsite sells the old, 2012/13 versions.

In July 2018, KAIJYU released an HD remaster of Lagoon Lounge 1 with redrawn CGs and the possibility to play it on Mac and Linux, with 3 additional languages. The HD version is only available on Steam. The 2 sequels will soon come out on Steam as well.

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Release Date May 10, 2014
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