Lemure Blue’s 2AM


Aoi, a third year middle school student who attends an all-boy’s junior and senior high school. Hinata, the mysterious “Dead of Night Man” who only appears at 2 A.M. beneath the sakura tree. An intense sense of intrigue deepens as they encounter through a chance meeting that expands into secret rendezvous… what will come of it?

“——’Aoi’s heart must be mine.’
It seems that is the one and only way to obtain the Lemures Blue.”

A rose that is said to bring eternal youth to the living and give life back to those who have died. What could be the secret behind this phantom flower, the “Lemures Blue”, and the lost prodigy, Akane?

Game Data

Rating 13+
Release Date November 2, 2017
Country Availability
Available Platforms Windows
Style of game
Themes within the game
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Languages and Availability

English  (Fan-translation (patch))
Price free
Where to get (Digital)
Japanese  (Original language)
Price free
Where to get (Digital)
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