Sentimental Trickster


“I decided it was time. I packed my old, tattered bag and left home. I still have nightmares… But I’m hanging in there.

I conquer the world one snarky comment at a time and I have no sense of direction. When I deal with people, things can get awkward. Ballet-dancing-with-a-peg-leg kind of awkward. So far, four-eyes hates my guts, pretty boy laughs at me and the landlord thinks I’m weird. At least I can always try to get myself killed with this pierced hero-wannabe…

I try not to think about the future. When you don’t expect anything, you won’t be disappointed, right? I just want to attend classes, graduate and become independent. Making friends would be great, but… how can you expect someone to like you if you don’t even like yourself?”

The game relies heavily on the player’s choices. These choices include which guy you want to be with, but also ethical issues: what you think is right to do the time. All the people you encounter have scars, and it’s up to you to heal or rub salt.

Sentimental Trickster was made in order to give English-speaking players an experience akin to what Nitro+Chiral games provide, but with a lighter touch.

Game Data

Rating 18+
Release Date March 24, 2021
Country Availability
Available Platforms Windows, Mac, Linux
Engine / Code Base
Game length (hours) 15 hours
Style of game
Themes within the game
Content warning!

Languages and Availability

English  (Original language)
Price $14.99
Where to get (Digital)
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