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Aarinfantasy user Ishka posted in the Aarinfantasy forums that they were currently in talk with a an unnamed publisher to license the 2015 BL game Galtia by Grisedge.

For those who don’t know the game, here’s a summary from VNDB:

It was a world supported by the “Kings”.

Humans divided by the characteristics of the four large “Galtia Abilities”.

A greatly individualistic society and culture constructed and developed under the protection of the kings. But slowly, the shadow of decay was creeping in.

In response to the drying of the earth, each country had their own expectations.

The “king” and the course of the world was….

A tale of war, intrigue, love and hate set in the four countries on the continent of Alderant. The protagonist Shin works as a freelancing jack-of-all-trades doing various different jobs. After getting caught up in an assassination attempt on one of the kings present at the Meeting of The Four Countries, he ends up drawing close to the mysteries of this world.


Galtia is on the longer side (+30 hours) and seems to draw heavy inspiration from Nitro+Chiral’s Togainu no Chi, be it in its dystopian, sci-fi themes, its aloof protagonist or its save screen interface.

Its demo received an unofficial English translation by several Aarinfantasy users back in 2015 that translated the first ~30 minutes of the game. I had the pleasure to liveblog the demo and post some screenshots on Tumblr if you’re interested.

Perhaps the most memorable thing in that demo for me was its “Word” menu that stored a glossary that gets updated as you play, as well as character profiles and Galtia lore, all of which that GRISEDGE curated with tender, loving care.

I don’t mean to irresponsibly get anyone’s hopes up, so please keep your expectations super low ^^; But! We maaay be a bit closer to an English license. A licensing company I contacted recently and sorta kinda mentioned this game to sounded pretty ecstatic, saying they also love GALTIA and would love to work with Grisedge!

While I feel that I can’t disclose their name at this point, simply because nothing is set in stone yet, I created a fan survey in hopes that it would give Grisedge a little nudge.

Ishka in the Galtia thread, Aarinfantasy forums

Note that there is no guarantee that the game will actually be licensed, as Ishka warns on Aarinfantasy. The fact that the game is quite long also means higher costs for translating it. However, should enough BL fan show interest in Galtia through Ishka’s survey, perhaps this may push the mysterious publisher and GRISEDGE to bring the game to English-speaking audience.

So you get the idea: go fill the survey and help Galtia get licensed!

Edit 2021/06/29: Ishka sent the survey results to the company!

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