Vietnamese BL game Silver Blue gets a Kickstarter campaign

Silver Blue is an all-ages fantasy BL game by Bun Bo Soup, a group of creators based in Vietnam. It tells the story of Cyan, an orphan of mysterious origins who sets to find his mentor after the latter disappeared.

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Should they get funded, Bun Bo Soup plans to release the full game on late 2021. For those who enjoy adult content, one of the tiers includes an NSFW comic that takes place post-game featuring Cyan and each of his love interests.

There is a demo available on itchio that takes approximately 1 hours of play with a few CGs and that introduces the main characters.

Having played the demo myself, I found the writing, pacing and overall text part of the game not on par with its beautiful art. Some scenes transitioned abruptly from one to another, with some characters’ introduction to be somewhat awkward. The English, also, could be improved in a few places. Overall, the demo’s writing very much felt like “My first ever story”.

Still I found the story itself intriguing and I’m a sucker for story-centric (versus character-centric) visual novels. Hence I will support and follow the project, albeit without too much expectations.

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