Wrong Number, a short BL VN from WitPOP is live on Kickstarter

WitPOP, also known as Red, has launched a Kickstarter campaign a few days ago for their newest and first adult BL game called Wrong Number.

Wrong Number is planned to be on the short side: less than 1 hour needed to get through a route, which is why the goal is similarly humble: $3350 AUD (~$2500 USD).

From Kickstarter:

Don’t you hate getting phone calls from random people you don’t know? I sure do.

But Luka? 

Nah, he’s got his way of turning a wrong number into a free movie date. 

What happens after meeting the person on the other end of the line though? Is this the start of a beautiful friendship, or something more?

… Or something less?

In the past, Red also made a few other short and lighthearted LGBT+ visual novels including BAKED:MAGIC, the I’m a love interest in my childhood friend’s reverse harem!!! series and the fangame Free! Arabian Nights.

If you want to try the demo or back the game on Kickstarter, check the links below:

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