Yearning: A Gay Story now available for free on itchio

Yearning: A Gay Story (or YAGS) is creator Bob Conway’s first long project. You play as a gay university student looking to develop friendships, come out, survive his year and maybe find love. YAGS features a whopping 230,000 words, which is more than the usual 120,000 words-or-so that you usually find in long EVN projects, as well as 4 dateable characters and 9 different endings.

The primary goal of the game was to focus on and portray a more realistic coming-out experience, complete with the fear, uncertainty, and reluctance involved in the process. It also aims to follow your relationship with someone (if that happens), in the larger context of their existing friendships

Official game page

Should you wish to, you can also find a decensor patch in the itchio page that decensors the in-game nudity and adds more explicit text. Note that while YAGS does feature some sexual themes, it remains relatively tame in comparison to most available adult games.

The game was written and programmed by Bob himself and illustrated by comic artist David Stroll. Note that while the game itself is free-to-pay, you can get various addons and physical goods, like game soundtracks for $5 or signed prints by Bob and David Stroll, for $50.

Bob Conway, also known as “Bob C Games” is a gay indie visual novel creator from the USA who started making his own games in 2017. Yags is his fourth project.

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